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15 Year Warranty

Venice Stone Surfaces

Permanently installed Venice Stone Surface slabs (the “Product”) are warranted by Venice Stone Company Ltd to the original owner.

The Product must be fabricated and installed by an authorized Venice Stone Fabricator/Installer, and used and maintained in accordance with instructions provided by Venice Stone.  During the first fifteen (15) years after the date of initial installation, Venice Stone, as its option, will repair or replace without charge if the Product fails due to a manufacturing defect.  Although Venice Stone shall make its best effort to repair or replace with the best possible colour match to the original as possible, Venice Stone cannot guarantee that the repair or replacement will be an exact colour match to the original.  To obtain service under this limited warranty, you must reasonably cooperate with Venice Stone’s authorized service agents and provide access to the installation site.  This warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser and only when the Product has been paid in full.  Any associated repair or replacement cost other than the Product will be the original purchaser’s responsibility.

This warranty excludes the following:

  1. Misuse or abuse (including uneven exposure to direct sunlight, outdoor exposure and use, damage caused by impact, discolouring caused by exposure to certain chemical reagents, and damage from exposure to excessive heat);
  2. The Product moved from its original place of installation;
  3. Chips, cracks or any other impact damage;
  4. Improper installation or Maintenance (improper care and maintenance may result in staining, abrasion marks, cracking or chipping);
  5. Damage caused by exposure to excessive heat (Trivets and hot pads should always be used);
  6. Damage caused by an act of nature;
  7. Failure not to comply with Venice Stone’s instructions including Fabrication, Installation, Care & Maintenance, etc…;
  8. The Product is stain-resistant, but is not 100% impervious to stains.  Many common stains can be removed with proper cleaning.  Staining is not covered under this warranty;
  9. The Product is scratch resistant, however, scratches may occur with improper use.  Consequently, scratches and abrasion marks are not covered under this warranty;
  10. Failure or dissatisfaction with appearance of joints or seams, or of any adhesive, caulk or other accessory items (except for performance defect arising out of the use of Venice Stones recommended adhesive);
  11. Workmanship of Fabricator or Installer
  12. Failure caused by other sub-structure support and substrate materials, including seam failure;
  13. The actual and final installed Product is not guaranteed to be an exact colour-match to product samples or printed sample facsimiles;
  14. Blemishes, such as blotches or spots, are inherent in the manufacturing process.  In the event visual blemishes, blotches, or a concentration of colour pigments are larger than 25mm in diameter, the contracted fabricator should report it to the Venice Stone’s authorized distributor prior to fabrication;
  15. Natural variation within the Product (The product pattern density may vary in colour, size, shape and distribution);
  16. Any innovative use of material including, but not limited to, curving and/or bending;
  17. Alteration of the Product thickness;
  18. Installation of sinks;
  19. Damage as a result of dry polishing or cutting;
  20. Alterations to the factory finish;
  21. Damages from other than manufacturing defect;
  22. For the Products not paid in full
  23. Any Product installed o9r located outdoors, such as outdoor kitchens, BBQ work surfaces, or in heated areas such as saunas and steam rooms;
  24. Residence not occupied by the original purchaser;
  25. Other installations such as boats and recreational vehicles;
  26. This warranty does not cover the use of the Product for commercial purposes.  “Commercial purposes” are defined as any application other than for use in a residential home interior as defined within this Residential 15-Year Limited Warranty.

Except as to what is stated in this limited warranty herein, Venice Stone makes no warranties, express or implied, in respect to the Product, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and all such warranties hereby are expressly disclaimed.  Venice Stone does not warrant that the Product will meet the original purchaser’s requirements.  Venice Stone shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, indirect, special, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including lost goodwill, lost profits, lost business, or other indirect economic damages, and further including injury to property, whether such claim is based on theories of contract, negligence, tort (including strict liability) or otherwise, as a result of breach of any warranty regardless of whether Venice Stone was advised, had other reason to know, or in fact knew of the possibility.

Warranty Service:

To obtain service under this limited warranty, contact the source from whom you purchased the Venice Stone Surfaces or you may directly contact Venice Stone at the address below, in writing, providing your name and address, a description of the Products and the nature of the defect or failure.  You must provide the original sales receipt along with proof of purchase and installation of Venice Stone Surfaces, which clearly indicates the Product purchased and installation dates in order to obtain service under this limited warranty.

Venice Stone Warranty Centre